A first great performance of the artists Deborah Edgeley and Mark Sheeky! ‘Empathy with Daisies’, poems with music inspired by ‘Loving Lou Salomè’, has flourished in Congleton library: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid08vmVKs5M8RuwooSDB92uf9swR1wvQHTTP8KnSgXGYYaUTg3UQCynMsKrwrRh8jmAl&id=559402499

The video of the performance will be made public by Mark soon. The artists are planning other evenings starting from Crewe 12 august.

The book ‘Loving Lou Salomè’ is available in Congleton and Crewe libraries and, from next week, in Liverpool Central Library.

Who needs informations about the performance and my book can write to the mail address: stefsantachiara@gmail.com

My phone number is 0039-3534121670